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Lunch Machine

Alternative // Belfast, Antrim // them

Lunch Machine, formed in 2017, blends the lyrical wit of Courtney Barnett, the post-psych experimentation of King Gizz, the "good craic" goofiness of Ween, and something entirely their own. The band formed in Donegal in 2017 as a power trio, and after playing several festivals and opening for Junk Drawer in 2018, Peadar(bass) left the band to pursue other things. Pearse and Kieran then joined, completing the band's lineup. During the pandemic, the band lived together and jammed regularly, writing a new batch of music and performing occasional gigs in 2021-2022 while recording their upcoming material. In 2020, Lunch Machine released a collaboration with Tuath titled "Mountains and Grooves" which was well-received. The band relocated to Belfast in 2022 and ended their gigging season by performing at "Rock for Choice" in Sandinos Derry. They plan to hold a physical launch of "Pipedream Graveyard" with guests ARN and Fierce Pit Bosses at Bennigans-Derry on February 25th.