Munich, County Waterford

Emerging from the smouldering ashes of Gorbachov and Van Basten in 2011, Lunacybot creates electronic music preoccupied with the contrast between the organic and the electronic. His music divides its time between ambient electronica, glitch, techno, and electroacoustic music. Sometimes a particular genre or approach takes precedence for a project, but it is soon ushered back in line to make way for some other slice of ham-fisted electronica.

Lunacybot's debut album 'Cogito Ergo Sum' is out on Ressonus Records in Autumn 2014, and describes the exact moment when a gargantuan artificial intelligence becomes self-aware. It pinpoints with molecular exactitude the very instant when the intelligence design for servitude becomes sentient. Over the course of 8 tracks, the album describes the machine's rise, and humanity's ultimate demise - culminating in 'I Have No Mouth (pts.1-6)', Lunacybot's take on the Harlan Ellison short story (which the author thankfully decided he liked, and decided against legal action. Result!)

Lunacybot sometimes puts free stuff on his bandcamp account. He is currently putting the finishing touches to 'House of Suns', a dark/space ambient electronica album inspired by the Alastair Reynolds novel of the same name. Other projects include an electroacoustic audio-visual extravaganza, created with Ikeaboy, for performance at the 2014 Spaziomusica Festival in Sardinia.

Lunacybot feels odd talking about himself in the third person, but was once advised to always do so.

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