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Lowkey Lu

Hip Hop // Limerick, Limerick

Lowkey Lu is an Irish rapper, producer and sound engineer. He achieved international success early on as Quality, producing for US based artists on various releases including The Uninvited LP, GLD8TRZ and EKG. Inspired by what he had learned of the underground rap scene in the US, Lu began to build a name for himself locally as a rapper, appearing in open mics in Waterford and releasing demos online.

He teamed up with Tom Trihy to create A Less Civilized Era, winning studio time as their prize in a Battle of the Bands competition. The pair released a run of singles throughout 2018, most notably '21,' which got over 1,000 views on YouTube.

Lowkey's first video came about through a collaboration with Numberik, of AHC Independent. They recorded Let Me in the studios of TCR FM before shooting a video in Waterford City. Lu and Numberik completed their collaboration, The Manor Street EP, gaining over 1,000 streams on Spotify, before Lu moved to Limerick City where he began to study Music Technology in TUS and work on his next project.

Something From Nothing was a raw, personal album which was well received by fans and critics alike, receiving local attention from the Limerick Leader and Limerick Post, as well as airplay in Waterford on WLR FM, and OpenTempo FM. The album was released through Equal Eyes Records, gaining over 1,000 streams on Spotify, and 1,000 views on the music video for the lead single.

The team behind Lu's music grew in 2021 to include Kieran Hemming and Arryn, two producers based in Galway and Cork respectively, as well as manager Aoife Nugent. Lu created an independent label, Tuath Dé, to facilitate the releases he had planned. A merch store was created, and Aoife created a team which began promoting the act in their hometown, Waterford.

They kept fans engaged with monthly single releases including Hold On Me, Lost Without You and Cold World, which received airplay in Limerick and Waterford. Behind the scenes, the team were working on three albums at once, including All Consuming, Equinox, and Don't Feed The Algorithm.

In 2022 Lowkey graduated from TUS and recorded a single called Dole Day, combining live and studio vocals, unique production techniques, and live guitar from Vadim Volodin. Currently, Lu is putting final touches on his upcoming releases, while preparing a video for Dole Day with Tom Trihy and Numberik. On July 28th, you can catch Lowkey Lu performing at an event hosted by Dragon Roots in Pharmacia, Limerick.

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