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Love Notes and Ashes

Alternative // Blackrock, Dublin

Known as Love Notes and Ashes. This quartet is comprised of Jarro Ardinez on guitar, Chester Abellara on drums, Kirk Dionela on bass and fronted by Kyra Dionela.Out of the country of Philippines, the quartet took ground in the new, different world of Ireland, with each of their families.

The band was formed on March 2010 as a collaborative project with the intention of combining a collection of ideas and intrumentals from the vision of four independent artists.This unsigned band, set storm to debut their name in Dublin’s music scene. Entering battles, releasing their self-titled EP and combining with fresh, young bands to form a self concert called “The Nomadic Amalgamation”. The Band played anywhere they could, challenging the ears of all music lovers.

Love Notes and Ashes is a hybrid of their wide range of influences and the skills that they hold. Out of this was born a new world of experience in music. Each member cites different influences such as Jimmy Hendrix, Les Claypool, Zac Farro and Lacey Mosley.
With this they start painting their stories with mind puzzling guitar riffs, whooping bass lines, mind blowing drums, resonant vocals and metaphoric lyrics.The Band seeks to create a sound that encompasses the intenstity, beauty and sorrow of the human experience by translating these emotions as soundtracks for everyday life.

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