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Hip Hop // Dublin

Lovemedante is an up and coming Irish/African rapper and singer based in Dublin and one of the “sexiest” acts in the Irish Hip-Hop scene. 
 Lovemedante is extremely prolific & versatile with a large repertoire of tracks that range from Trap, Conscious Rap, Boom-Bap & R&B. For example his 16 track mixtape features hard hitting trap tracks such as “What The Feck?” and also smooth R&B jams like “Love”. 
 In terms of his live shows, Lovemedante has exceptional energy & is ready to perform & engage with any audience. Whether it’s too ten people or ten thousand. Lovemedante can have everyone on their feet, head banging to his heavier trap beats & provocative performance or listening & contemplating to his smooth lyrics & intricate rhyming. 
 Even though Lovemedante is a Hip-Hop artist his live presence on stage can be compared to the likes of “Keith Flint” from The Prodigy & “Johnny Rotten” from the Sex Pistols. Music enthusiasts can expect an eccentric flow, catchy hooks, banging beats & something to relate to for an unforgettable time.

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