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Alternative // Dublin City, Dublin

Dublin based outfit LNT were assembled in late 2014 by frontman Kev Peelo. Since these humble beginnings they have developed a unique and commanding musical point of view.

Kev Peelo: Guitar/Vocals
Sam Boland: Guitar
Jack Penders: Drums
Noel Perry: Bass
David Redmond: Keyboards

The sound of LNT is an experiment. With each member coming from vastly different musical backgrounds the band blends influences such as Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, Bon Iver & Hans Zimmer into their own distinctive brand of emotive Alternative Rock.

On November 7th (2017) LNT released their first music video, which was produced alongside videographer Olga Kuzmenko, for their debut single 'In Circles'. The video follows the protagonist (played by Conor Moloney) who is trapped in a rendition of purgatory set in the form of a stretch of beach.

"In Circles’ is an impressive debut from LNT, and renders them one of
the most interesting bands on the Dublin scene at the moment."
- Ruth Cronin, The Manuscript

"LNT are a band to look out for, especially on the live scene as this
sound will almost definitely translate to an energetic live show."
-Ciaran O'Brien , The OB Blog

"The blend of indie and dark nu-metal mood-swings you'd associate
with Korn or Linkin Park captured beautifully in the accompanying
video to the track."
-Remy, The Best of Music and Film

On February 19th LNT released their debut album 'The Last Of Thousands'.