Lisa Hake

Blackrock, County Louth

“Music that will seep deep into the veins given half a chance.”
-Siobhan Long, Irish Times

"Wind Under Wood, is an impressive 13 track album which has proved to be one of the year's most notable slowburners."
-Eamon Carr, Evening Herald

Lisa Hake is a singer-songwriter-guitarist whose home is Dundalk, County Louth. She hails from the wine country hills of Northern California and before that, the coal mining mountains of West Virginia.

Hake has been “captivating audiences around the country with her mellifluous voice, soft melodies and introspective stories” reports O2 Making Waves. In the US, a DJ from Virginia described Hake as having “a voice like a young Emmylou Harris and fresh rootsy-rhythmic arrangements that …recall recent Iron & Wine.”

During the past three years in Ireland, Hake has recorded two albums: Her debut, Tree Over Sea, was “a fine pop album that evokes the sounds of Fleetwood Mac and Steely Dan in more or less equal parts” according to Sarah McQuaid of the Evening Herald. Her second, Wind Under Wood, has just been released and early thoughts from Jackie Hayden of Hot Press call it a “fine showcase for her introspective soft-rock approach, oozing confidence and panache…with mellow ‘60’s overtones… straddling a number of genres, from folk to indie rock, without ever falling over.”

Last year, Lisa was thrilled to play support to Jack L, Kate Walsh, and Annabelle Chovostek; to showcase at Belfast Nashville, Fiddler’s Green and Sligo Live; and to air on one of her favorite radio shows—South Wind Blows. Acoustic Guitar Magazine interviewed her for a feature article on her guitar playing and songwriting. This year’s highlights include playing Belfast’s Open House Festival and being selected for an official Performance Alley Showcase at the International Folk Alliance Conference.

Wind Under Wood (2009):
Surrealistic story songs involving Tarot cards, worry dolls, and the Theory of Relativity...hypnotic acoustic guitar paired with sexy double-bass…Nick Drake reincarnated as a woman this time around.

Tree Over Sea (2007):
Haunting songs that run the gamut from magic to mermaids… Lisa Hake is mistress of the minor chord and minstrel of literate folk.

Awards: Winner Folk Category West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest (2009); Runner-Up Belfast Nashville International Songwriting Competition (2009); Honorable Mention Mike Pinder's Songwars (2009); 15th Annual Billboard Songwriting Contest Honorable Mention (2008); UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist (2008); Clonmel Song Contest Judges Distinction (2008)

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