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Alternative // Dublin

Lifts are a 5-piece art-rock band based in Dublin. Taking inspiration from a wide range of music such as traditional Irish, experimental rock, contemporary classical and jazz, Lifts create a unique blend of music that is as powerful on record as on stage. They are the most recent winners of the TILT Development Deal awarded by John Barker, who has since given them consistent airtime on Dublin City FM. After beginning as a solo project, Lifts put out their debut EP Evergrowing, Overflowing track-by-track on a monthly basis from May to November last year.

On the basis of the unique and haunting sound of their EP, Lifts embarked on a rigorous gigging schedule, which has allowed them to perform consistently in Dublin and across Ireland, including a DIY tour. This regular gigging schedule has already seen Lifts develop from a solo project into a unique, cohesive and developed musical group. Their unique live show which combines strong songwriting with unusual arrangements, featuring violins (including a homemade bass viola run through a subharmonic synthesiser), saxophone, and jazz drumming is the product of this recent development and a large part of Lifts' appeal.

Finalising the capture of these developments in recording is their current focus, with a view for the release of their second EP in late Spring-early Summer.

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