Let's Set Sail

Dublin City, County Dublin

Let’s Set Sail are a band from Dublin that began as a songwriting project for two university students, studying classical music composition. The project has gradually evolved into a 4-piece band, tastefully blending acoustic and synthetic textures to produce well-crafted electronic folk songs. These songs contain honest, relatable lyrics that often permeate the music with a distinctly Dublin flavour.

Let's Set Sail will release a new EP in November 2017.

"[About Five of Trumps] Constantly moving and evolving, the song is perfectly set and composed in its sound, making its eight minute running time feel natural and not over-long.
Leon is more direct in its mood and tone. The twinkling synths and running piano lines weave nicely around the vocal, further establishing Let’s Set Sail’s uniquely evocative sound and style." - The Last Mixed Tape

"Let’s Set Sail are more than capable of crafting memorable electronic pop songs, but it’s their ability to evoke images of Dublin and the distinctly Irish flavour that permeates these singles, which allows them to stand out from their peers." - Dublin Concerts

"Five of Trumps is a pop epic of grand proportions." - tn2 Magazine

"There’s gentle folk to be found in the music of Dublin band Let’s Set Sail, with their EP giving a lovely taster of what they're up to." - The Ticket, The Irish Times

"...intricately woven verses of needle point observation about this dirty old town... a band with the habit of making the familiar seem different". - Le Cool Dublin


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