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Lemon Lake

Dance // Edenderry, Offaly

Lemon Lake is undoubtedly the world's funkiest Irish/Chilean collaboration. Born out of a chance encounter on stage at a bluesy jam session in London. The pair have played as session musicians for top artists such as La Roux and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

Their first single 'You Need To Go Now' was released with much success and was featured on Tom Robinson's Fresh On The Net Blog as one of their Fresh Faves. Lemon Lake's sound comes from strutting synths, rich bass and funky guitars, all tied together with their desire to make people dance.

Now, Lemon Lake release their second single 'What's That Sound?' (a pedal-to-the-metal dancefloor anthem with funky basslines and disco vibes) and to bring their show to more live stages.

Lemon Lake are Fernando Sanchez and Donal Pywell.