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Experimental // Cork City, Cork


Leaflog are an instrumental band falling under the loose (and quickly becoming looser) heading of post rock. The band use thoughtful melody, screeching guitars, blissful chimes and clouds of effected space to express the variety of human emotion through music.
2011 saw a member lost to emigration, so the focus turned to writing new material and sculpting a solid live show to be unleashed in the summer.

Their first record was released on 22nd September 10. Follow the link to our bandcamp (LOOK LEFT) to download it.

In october 2010 the band played two gigs at the Hard Working Class Heroes festival in Dublin, one in music maker music shop and later that night in the Grand Social.

The Irish Blood Transfusion Board have used the title track from the Mayday EP in a video which celebrates World blood donor day. (SEE VIDEO BELOW) The video was created by abgc and Sean and Yvette photography
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leaflog were commissioned to compose an original score to Bill Morrison's experimental film 'Decasia', which they performed live at the Kerry film festival in november 2010.

"Who needs vocals when you can paint a million-word picture with some densely woven instrumental sounds? These Killarney post-rockers dispense with vocals completely, leaving a lovely, uncluttered landscape of organic sound. Nuff said."
- Kevin Courtney, Irish Times

Some words about our EP "Mayday"

"Don’t worry yourself with what taxonomy Leaflog need to slot into and just allow Mayday to mesmerise you, as it will do so with ease."
- Jonathan Keane, (8/10)