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New Wave // Buenos Aires, Argentina, Antrim

Las Kellies started in 2005. Their third record, "Las Kellies" (2011), was released by Rastrillo Records and Crang Records in Argentina and re-released in the UK by Fire Records on CD and 12” vinyl. In April 2012 Fire released a 7" inch split titled "Erase you" with ESG original and Las Kellies version. Las Kellies made three European tours already (2009, 2011 and 2012), playing all along the UK, Spain, Wales, Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Croatia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden. They also played in Chile a couple of times, Colombia and all around Argentina during all this years.
Las Kellies created a raw and primitive punk, cumbia, reggae, dub and post-punk style. Their sound is consolidated in their third LP, titled "Las Kellies", produced by Iván Diaz Mathé and mixed by Dennis Bovell (The Slits, Madness, Fela Kuti). The record hit "Perro Rompebolas" still sounds on the radio charts in the US and México. "Las Kellies" had a lot of repercussion and press in the whole world (Rockdelux Spain Magazine, NME and Julian Cope, among others).
In 2013 Fire Records is releasing Las Kellies fourth studio album with sensational feats. and a new mature sound.