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Alternative // Cork City, Cork

'Larodon', my artist name, is just an abbreviation of my full name - Lawrence O'Donnell. I am a multi-instrumentalist and also a music teacher at the Cork Academy Of Music. Having played with numerous original bands over the years including 'Idol Joy', 'Altavaar' and more recently 'Yearning Curve', I have decided to pursue a solo career in music. My first solo release will be on 30th September 2016 (iTunes, Spotify, etc) and is a concept album based on the seven stages of loss - 'Assassination Of The Heart' (The Seven Stages Suite). Although this was initially recorded as a kind of 'musical exorcism' as I was going through the stages myself, feedback on social media and from my followers in Cork City was very positive and many felt that the idea of the album resonated with them on a personal level. While all instrumentation, programming, main and backing vocals were done on my own, I have a number of well established local musicians for live renditions of the album.

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