Large Mound

County Dublin

A rock group based in Dublin. The Mound have evolved into one of Ireland's best rock bands, with three (short) full length albums, extensive gigging experience, and mounting critical acclaim under their belts. They have a simple musical goal of combining downstroke rock, metal riffs with smart songwriting.
Currently releasing fourth album called Another Year Of Rock

"Another Year Of Rock is a wonderfully weird piece of (very) alt.rock from a band who continue to ignore the rule book" - Hot Press 2012

" For anyone who loves riffs and solos, this is a huge treasure trove. So huge that it will make you want to buy an amp for your air guitar. " -

" There is no frills, no waste, just meaty, beaty and infectiously hip-shakingly great rock songs. " - Limerick Independent

" The exciting sonic concoction, grade A guitar riffs, rifle range drumming, and a fine sense of mischief..... Large Mound make the kind of joyful noise that inspires kids to form bands. " - Hot Press Magazine

".. one day they will be looked upon as one of the best Irish rock bands of their time. Go Forth and Amplify is a tender and poignant manifestation of the metal dream" - Leagues O'Toole, Irish Examiner

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