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Landers are an experimental folk rock band currently based in Berlin. Christopher Colm Morrin met Paul Breiting and Max von der Goltz by chance in early 2019. They quickly realised they shared a common drive to make music that felt honest and true to their hearts. Dazed and excited about creating something of their own, they started putting pieces of songs together from scraps of poetry and old lost demos.

After only a couple of rehearsals they decided to record a live session in a large warehouse known as KAOS in the outskirts of Berlin with their friend Aidan Floatinghome. Over a short period of 4 days, almost all tracks were recorded live in one room with a limited amount of recording equipment. The experience from the KAOS session helped them to understand new ways of expression, putting emphasis on a loose, free and shared process. What came out of it is a vulnerable weaving of jazzy, ambient soundscapes with a strong folk backbone from many hours of improvisation.

Instead of creating a full album so immediately, the band feels that the session itself is something worth sharing first. Just like the way they usually share rough demos with close friends, Landers now invites new listeners to sit beside them through the early development process.

The first part of the session is under the title “Clear Blue Sky” and was released April 17th, 2020.


'The pleasing aroma of The Blue Nile is strong off this gorgeous, calm piece of music'

-Tony Clayton-Lea

'Landers are a new-fangled, Berlin-based experimental folk trio with an incredibly promising future ahead of them. Impressionistic and improvisational, ambience meets gossamer structure head-on across 10 minutes.'

– Brian Coney, The Thin Air

'Thought provoking, raw and emotive listen...beautifully apt title for the Spring days ahead of us'

- John Smyth, Irish Culture Berlin.

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