Kyoto Love Hotel

County Tipperary

Kyoto Love Hotel is an Irish electronic duo from Tipperary formed in 2018. The band consists of producer Joe Geaney (Floating Ballroom) and vocalist Laura Sheary (Formerly of Staring at Lakes). As the name suggests, Kyoto Love Hotel make music that attempts to mirror the atmosphere of a city in motion while simultaneously capturing the intimacies that exist within the minds that inhabit it.

The nostalgic, evocative melodies that Geaney creates act as the perfect musical landscape for Sheary’s lyrical explorations of fragmented memories and the disparities that exist between our physical reality and our interior selves. The result of this pairing is a sound coloured with light and shadow; these are songs for thoughts to dance to. They have just released their debut single 'Still' from their upcoming EP out later this year.

I absolutely love this tune... I think I’m going to play it too much. (Dan Hegarty 2FM)

Spacious and enthralling pop tune. (Nialler9)

Sleek trickle of electro-pop. (The Thin Air)

Kyoto Love Hotel’s debut single ‘Still’ is a transportive one. (The Last Mixed Tape)

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