Shannon, County Clare

Kyon is the musical project of Shane Talty. Shane makes music with a Drum Machine, a Sampler, a Bass, Various Guitars, a Keyboard, a Synth, Larynx Oscillations and lots of other useful musical toys. Then he records this music, makes Cd's, uploads it on this and other pages and plays gigs. Kyon released his debut album entitled 'Read Between the Lies' on February 20th 2009.

"Read Between The Lies" is produced and written by the Limerick-based multitalented musician Kyon. He makes music with a drum machine, a sampler, a bass, various guitars, a keyboard, a synth, Larynx Oscillations and lots of other useful musical toys. The record is almost entirely instrumental containing songs that last longer than seven minutes. Sadly the first three songs, ‘T.M.A. – 1’, ‘1 : 4 : 9’, and ‘Read Between the Lies’ are all of similar type and you are happy when ‘Spatial Disorientation’ starts. The changes between quietness and loudness push this track to the highlight of the album. Track six ‘New Unit’ and the closing song ‘Faceless‘ are the only songs with some kind of vocals, though Kyon is more screaming than singing. However the lack of voice does not do any harm to the album. ‘Read Between The Lies’ is a pretty intense and disturbing album and leaves you restless for a while after listening to it. The sound arises from distorted guitars, pounding drums, wailing synths, echoing effects, and clangorous keyboards. Each song is fast, furious, demanding and hectic. Amazingly well recorded and a must have for anyone who likes to listen to innovative and experimental music. (4/5)" -LIMERICK EVENT GUIDE [February 2009]

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