Kilkenny, County Kilkenny

From a little place called Kilkenny, in the south east of Ireland, Kevin Richard Broderick, a core member of Irish band, Reko (who did alright for themselves in their day) has returned to his home town and recruited some of the best musicians around to accompany him on this new musical adventure, that is KRB.

Taking an unplanned break from gigging and bands for 2 years after Reko split, Kevin still kept his song writing alive while living in California, writing songs about his experiences of places and people on a crummy acoustic guitar. A very different approach to song writing than he is usually use to "I usually have Pro Tools, all midi tools and my Fender Srat at my disposal, so it felt very bare…. But I think the songs actually turned out better."

Kevin has teamed up with vocalist Alize Comerford, drummer Daire Nolan and his cousin on second guitar David Broderick to record his album, entitled "Divisadero" which is available 7th June 2014. The album will be made up of 10 tracks, with nice intricate yet smooth drum beats, topped with some reverberant guitars and deep organs, all sitting amongst Kevin and Alize's combined vocals.. XX style. KRB's first single, called "Forgotten" was released on 29 Nov 2013, and is available from iTunes and all good download stores.

"This is a different sound; one which is as much powerful as it is hypnotic at times" Album of the Week July 1st 2014.

“Kilkenny musician and former Reko member Kevin Richard Broderick returns with new outfit KRB. Current single Forgotten definitely makes us glad he's decided to create more music. Broderick and Alize Comerford's vocals are the perfect blend of sugar and spice and the subtle synths and haunting riffs makes this a memorable release. Fans of The XX and Slumber Party will adore this slice of dream pop.”

"Impressive debut from kilkenny outfit Influenced by The Cure, Beach House and Warpaint, among others, this four-piece hit the ground running. Opening track, ‘Absolute’ mixes foreboding guitars, sinuous bass-lines and thundering drums, with the dueling male/female vocals from Kevin Richard Broderick and Alize Comerford. If that leaves the listener in no doubt as to where KRB are coming from, the extended intro on ‘Disappear’ is even more intense, prog-rock influences to the fore, while ‘Killed First’ boasts a New Order riff with hints of Placebo in the guitar/bass interplay.
The barely-controlled tension within the tunes is ever-present: the more atmospheric ‘Pretty In Poison’ adds densely-layered textures, a drone-like rhythm and more brooding harmonies. Elsewhere, the slightly more upbeat, ‘Doll Face’ has hints of Nirvana (‘Come As You Are’) in the riff, before igniting into a frenetic maelstrom. Finally, the haunting ‘Spitting On Your Frills’ (featuring RSAG) blends murder-ballad vocals with reverb-drenched sonics. Whew!

KRB's music has be described as a blend between The Cure, The XX and Beach House. One gig attendant described KRB's sound as "if The Cure and Nirvana knocked up The XX"
KRB have some dark tones, almost Gothic, deep vocals and smooth organs, which you can not help but sway too. It is quite dynamic, almost atmospheric.... with a nice groove.

Kevin Richard Broderick - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Alize Comerford - Vocals
Colm Dowling - Drums
David Broderick - Guitar

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