Kingdom Of Crows

Glasnevin, County Dublin

Dublin band, Kingdom of Crows are in the process of releasing each song from the upcoming album 'Despondency' over the course of 2017.

So far, the singles: 'Despondency', 'The Walk', 'Sycadia' and 'Sculptor's Run' have been released.

This is the band’s second album, following on from ‘The Truth is the Trip’ released in 2015

The band released a well-received cover of Blondie’s ‘Call Me’ in late 2015

Band to tour new album, dates to be announced.

The first single of the same name ‘Despondency’ by Kingdom of Crows was released on the 6th of August. The rest of the album will follow over the next few months in single releases, and promises to be one of the more interesting independent album releases of 2017.

About Kingdom of Crows

Kingdom of Crows is an evolving project of Dublin multi-instrumentalist Stephen Kelly. What were demos soon became songs and the band released their first album ‘The Truth is the Trip’ in 2015.

The band also released a well-received version of ‘Call Me’ by Blondie in 2015

Some quotes about their first album ‘The Truth is the Trip’:

"One of the best Irish rock album in years," - Remys Music Blog
"The most important independent offering of 2015," – Pure M
'‘Dreamless Sleep’ moves with a slow-burning persistent pace. Brooding and atmospheric the single is an evocative introduction to Kingdom of Crows," - The Last Mixed Tape:
“The promise here is huge,” - Metal Ireland

The accompanying video was directed by Greg Byrne of Blue Hue Productions. The director of photography was Martin Curley. It stars actors Zacc Milne and Lauren Shannon-Jones.

The album was recorded at Westland Studios, Dublin by Joshua Guest.

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