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Rock // Balbriggan, Dublin

KÎND is a five piece melodic progressive rock band lead by Matt Redmond, made up of members from
all over Ireland. As an Irish progressive rock band, KÎND strives to create the unique utilising a
combination of heavy guitar parts, unusual chord changes and stacked harmonies while still
maintaining strong melodies throughout. The group has 4 releases under their belt - their most recent
being ‘Live at Sun Studios’ released in 2022, with plans to release their debut EP in 2023. After a sold
out Whelan’s show in October 2022 KÎND opened up 2023 with a slot on Whelan’s ‘Ones To Watch’
Festival. KÎND plans to weave themselves into as many venues across Ireland over the coming

"KÎND are clearly in the ascendancy. The striking assuredness that comes with each release belies their
status as a band still in it’s infancy, and I can think of no other band on the scene today that has the
same volcanic potential." -Maximillion Foy (DeMars Magazine)