Kevin Nolan

Dublin, County Dublin

The music invites you to enter a world of wonder-tales. Nolan's initial impetus was to mix Stereolab and Tom Waits. He may have missed his bulls-eye but what is salvaged from the wreckage has become Nolan's signature. Hot Press Magazine: "Nolan has carved out a world of strange characters and stunning sonic tapestries. The record takes the listener on a walk on the weird side, telling some diabolically good tales of love and death, spell-binding stuff."

Singer/Composer Julie Feeney, Author/Performer Peter Murphy and Author Rob Doyle, among many, have praised Kevin Nolan's debut album "Fredrick & The Golden Dawn" as a masterpiece. "Nolan is a seething cauldronful of the literary, the theatrical, and the gothically flamboyant, seasoned with a smattering of infernal burlesque." - Rob Doyle. Julie Feeney enthused that "Kevin Nolan's performances are world-class!"

Nolan is currently the subject of a new documentary made by the award winning documentarian Nathan Fagan about Nolan the man and his debut album which took eight years to perfect. Nolan himself played all the instruments on the album, sang all the vocals and recorded as well as produced it himself.

Nolan recently was awarded an Artist in Residence from The Arts Council, ADI and Ballymun Axis. He is now in the process of recording his second album.

The singer/composer has recently been interviewed and performed on News Talk's The Green Room with Orla Barry and also Radio Nova, interviewed by John Bowe. The well-respected Irish radio ​DJ John Kelly has been playing his songs over the last few months on RTE Lyric FM. Especially the Feeney duet "Aubade", which has also been given spins by Carl Corcoran, Fiachra O'Braonain and The Tom Robinson show on BBC 6 Music.

Nolan is heavily influenced by the literary canon in his lyrics. He also writes prose and poetry. Writers who have praised Nolan's writing are Dave Lordan, Rob Doyle and Sean O Reilly. To date, he has published two volumes of poetry. The first entitled "Vibrations Of The Soul" and the second a collaboration with artist/poet Susanne Wawra is titled "Schizo-Poetry - Fragments Of Mind" (published by Shine Arts). The foreword to both books was written by Galway poet Patrick Deeley and the introduction was penned by the CEO of Shine Ireland John Saunders.


Some Reviews of Nolan's Debut album "Fredrick & The Golden Dawn"

"Nolan has carved out a world of strange characters and stunning sonic tapestries (...) 'Last Days Of Harry Carey' is a bombastic four minutes of blood and thunder that's worth the price of admission alone. The record takes the listener on a walk on the weird side, telling some diabolically good tales of love and death, spell-binding stuff. " - Hot Press Magazine

"Fredrick & The Golden Dawn is a bold début release of immense character containing a large-scale undeniable theatricality to it that is simply stunning to behold.” – The Last Mixed Tape

"There’s no doubting Nolan’s ambition as he mixes gruff and declamatory Tom Waits/Nick Cave with softer instrumental interludes and a strain of theatrical musicality along the lines of Brecht/Weill/Lenya, Impressive." - Tony Clayton-Lea, The Irish Times

“Nolan's ability to bathe his voice in a variety of textures and styles and to emerge with clarity and precision, emphatically highlights the mastery of his skill.” – Wonderful Good

“Nolan is also a multi-instrumentalist in the true sense of the word, incorporating everything from guitar and piano to orchestral sweeps with strings and flutes. But this is done through a subtle interplay and alternation rather than letting everything all fall in at once for a big, insurmountable wall of sound. This subtlety and restraint creates something far more elegant, and it is this elegance that provides a neat contrast to the often harsh, brutal and unsettling atmosphere that pervades the lyrics.” – Golden Plec

Billy O Hanluain, Music Journalist and regular music historian on Arts Tonight RTE says “There’s nobody doing anything like what Nolan is doing, in all of Ireland.”



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