Kevin Herm Connolly

Ballinasloe, County Dublin

Kevin Herm Connolly has been writing, playing and recording music since the age of eight. As a teenager in County Galway, Kevin and his friends formed a band called Bliss. They covered Nirvana and wrote songs about school and mass. Attending university in Dublin, he joined his brother's alt-country band El Diablo, playing bass guitar and piano. They released two albums on Catchy Go Go Records in the early noughties and toured in Ireland and the USA.

‘Monsters’, the first collection of his own songs, was released in 2009 under the name Herm. Ireland’s leading alternative music magazine (Hot Press) and radio station (Phantom FM) included it in their top ten Irish albums of the year. Reviewers drew favourable comparisons with artists such as Beck, The Eels and Radiohead. The single ‘Year of the Horse’, a duet featuring Nina Hynes, received an honourable mention in the International Song Competition, whose judges include Tom Waits, Ray Davies and Robert Smith. The video for the single ‘Heads’, directed by Ian Benjamin Kenny, was nominated for an Irish Music Television Award.

In 2010, Kevin and his friend Paul Clancy began performing Paul’s songs under the name Clancy. They made an album called ‘Road to the Heart’. Sadly, Paul passed away shortly after its completion. The album was released posthumously and the Irish Independent described it as "an accomplished, meditative collection...moving and beautiful". Four more songs that the pair had been working on were released as the Clancy EP in 2011.

A new album will be released this autumn. Recorded in Dublin between the contrasting summers of 2012 and 2013, the album reveals a development in Kevin’s song-writing, from the quirky and edgy indie pop of his debut to a more reflective and organic approach, as evidenced by album opener and forthcoming first single ‘Shotgun’.

Reviews for ‘Monsters’:
“An impressive debut” - 4 stars, Metro Ireland
“A must for fans of uneasy listening” - 4 stars, Hot Press
“One of the best Irish albums of 2009” – I-Con, Phantom FM
“Understated yet powerful songcraft” - Red Bull Bulletin

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