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Pop // Dublin, Dublin

Meet Kemdee the Nigerian born and Ireland based artist teetering between the edges of afro fusion and Inde, sonically meshing the two genres together to create his own sound while maintaining the essential soulful elements of each. The newcomer arrived fresh on the scene with debut project ‘The Other Side’ a refreshing taste ousing with a surprising touch of versatility. His presence is heavily felt through his dense and layered rhyme schemes, touchy subject matters – paired with a unique ear for beats. The sonic manifestation of a Frank Ocean and Burna Boy lovechild, Kemdee.

Throughout the project, Kemdee depicts the stark surroundings he grew up in, while also highlighting the inner turmoil he continues to deal with as well as depicting a range of systemic issues whilst displays vocals are as buttery as can be. The Other Side represents a transition phase of Kemdee’s life having spent most of his time in school and working a 9-5. The Other Side allowed him to express himself and to do something he’s always enjoyed doing and showing versatility and starkly beautiful tales of pain, growth and hope. With his style of production (which he often handles himself) not veering towards the kind of predictable pop you may find in the charts, he instead creates endless vibes that suit both those lonely nights and the ones shared.

On the process, he explained: “Most of the tracks were inspired by past experiences about love and truth. Growing up I’ve understood the true concept having to Love and speak the truth to myself in most cases (Admitting my mistakes), But we`re all not perfect, cause we doubt ourselves regardless of the position we might find ourselves. Fake Friends emphasized mainly on a particular phase in my life and it felt liberating to actually write about it”

Previously signed to Empire Mates Entertainment (WizKid’s ex label) the rising star that is Kemdee began his musical journey as an escape from ordinarily life back home in Lagos. Having Practiced Finance for a Few years and Moved to Ireland in 2019 for a Masters Programme in International Business Management. He developed friendships with peers who pointed him in the right direction in connecting with other like-minded creatives in Dublin. In 2020 Kemdee found his strike as he released a steady pace of singles prior to this project.

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