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Kayleigh Noble

Pop // Dublin, Dublin // She/Her

Dublin-born pop princess Kayleigh Noble “might just be the next big thing” according to Hot Press Magazine. Kayleigh has been steadily making a name for herself in the Irish music scene since late 2018 with the release of her debut single ‘Stay’ in collaboration with Dublin based producer MYFAULT. Having moved to London at the age of just 18 to pursue her music career, Kayleigh built a strong network of friends and collaborators in the English capital.

In 2020, Noble relocated once again to her hometown of Dublin as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic but she didn’t let this affect her drive and dedication to her music career. In 2020, Noble teamed up with Irish super-producer 1000 Beasts on a pair of songs; La Marais & Tokyo - a duo of beautifully chilled out lo-fi hip-hop tracks, the latter of which has amassed over 700k streams on Spotify alone, and was featured on UK broadcaster, Channel 4’s ‘Frank of Ireland’

The Irish songstress began the roll out of her debut EP, ‘Hot Mess’ in early 2022 with the release of Imaginary Boyfriend, the project’s lead single. Imaginary Boyfriend’s accompanying music video was premiered on Clash Magazine’s website, with the EP as a whole being written about in The Pit London, Clash Magazine, Hot Press, and District Magazine

In the past year, Kayleigh’s determination to build a career as a completely independent artist has been unmatched and that is very clear to see through her slew of releases and performances. Kayleigh started 2023 strong by working with Dublin-based producer Rory Sweeney on ‘Needy’, a track for his ‘Trash Catalogue’ Album. The track was subsequently remixed by Belfast-based DJ, Ultrapollen and featured in a HÖR Berlin live set. In June of 2023, Kayleigh unveiled prey//hymn, a pair of singles that began to set the tone for the rollout of Kayleigh’s debut album. Noble made it clear with her effortless blurring-of-lines between genres on this release that she was continuing to dial in and refine her skills as a songwriter.

In August of 2023 Kayleigh shared ‘say your grace’, an anthemic track chronicaling the love and lust of a budding relationship and allowing herself to relish in the honeymoon-phase, with the world - with this, she began the rollout of ‘Just a Girl’, her debut album. Kayleigh followed ’say your grace’ with the lead single and title track of her album, ‘just a girl’, a delicate and honest account in which Kayleigh reminds us that despite all of the hardships and dysfunction that she has endured, she is just a girl. Kayleigh extends her gratitude to Spotify for featuring ‘just a girl’ on their Breath of Fresh Éire and Fresh Finds UK & IE playlists - The latter of which recently featured Kayleigh as the cover. The album dropped on October 19th, Kayleigh’s birthday, and she is incredibly proud of the fact that the project was worked on almost exclusively by women - from artwork, to production, engineering, and mixing - “I had a really strong vision for what this project needed to be and I couldn’t have done it without my girls around me”. Kayleigh’s creative direction and styling has always been led by her - a decision that has definitely been paying off for the artist.

Kayleigh’s 2023 highlights include releasing new music that is true to who Kayleigh Noble is as an artist, a songwriter, a music listener, and as a person. There is no denying that being fulfilled as an artist and songwriter is definitely pushing her career in a positive direction. Kayleigh has been no stranger to performing live either, this year she has done a number of support and opening sets at venues all around Dublin where she has proven herself as a tough act to follow. In August of 2023 Kayleigh took to the stage of The Grand Social in Dublin City Centre for her debut headline show where she premiered a then unreleased ‘just a girl’. In October, Kayleigh released her debut album ‘Just a Girl’ and hosted a beautiful release party in Dublin’s Hens Teeth. Off the back of this incredible momentum, Kayleigh made her UK debut with a packed-out headline show in London’s ‘The Lower Third Soho’ in late October.

The next few months look to be incredibly exciting for Kayleigh Noble.