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Kate O' Callaghan

Folk // Inishowen, Donegal

Kate O'Callaghan is an alt.folk singer/songwriter

To date, she has released two albums and an ep and toured in Ireland, UK, Germany and the US. Kate is currently working on the second phase of an historically-themed music project entitled ‘Songs from A Witness Statement’ (based on the first-hand testimony of her great grand-aunt’s involvement in the 1916 Rising and Irish War of Independence).

“From County Donegal, Ireland, comes the poetic and nuanced sounds of Kate O'Callaghan, crafting highly intelligent, self aware, emotionally evocative tales that explore the profound in the everyday and the every day in the profound. Here are songs that expound on experience, create commonality, telling those big and small stories, simultaneously historical and personal, that are the gift of a music which carries the load of paying attention by sharing the world with us in new and unexpected ways” - Anti-Heroine Chic (New York)

"Beautifully evocative…a treat for the senses" - GoldenPlec (IRL)

"Subliminal, understated and simply glorious" - Fatea Magazine (UK)

"Powerful..deeply atmospheric..genuinely lovely" - R2 (Rock n Reel) (UK)

"Intelligent, meaningful and extraordinary listening experience" - Fanrealm (USA)

Kate’s music is available to purchase directly from her website or for digital downloading and streaming from Bandcamp

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