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Karl McConnon

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

Karl McConnon, a dynamic indie rock artist from Dublin, has carved a unique niche in the music world with his eclectic mix of soulful narratives and vibrant indie rock. Educated in music theory and performance, Karl's sound is a testament to over 15 years of honing his craft.

His music, deeply rooted in his Dublin upbringing, while spiced up with eclectic influences from his journeys in life, country & fold, Bluegrass, some Middle Eastern vibes, will resonates with fans globally and take them on an adventure.

Known for standout tracks like "Same Auld Road," "Stand Up and Clap Your Hands," and "Count On You," Karl blends melancholic and hopeful melodies, reflecting his rich musical influences. Collaborating with notable artists and co-founding the acoustic duo Temple Ba®stards, Karl has become a prominent figure in Dublin's music scene.

His upcoming anticipated single "Heaven Has Gained Another Angel" showcase his versatility and commitment to evolving his sound. As a passionate advocate for street music culture, Karl's influence extends beyond performance to shaping the musical landscape of our time and crossing boundaries in his creation .

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