Dublin, County Dublin

Kaplin are a Dublin/Donegal band who started playing very occasionally nearly 10 years ago. After receiving many great live reviews and reactions, things very gradually gained momentum. After being invited to support some of their musical peers such as American Music Club, Gallon Drunk, Howe Gelb and Devastations, they started to take things up a notch.

In 2009 they released their first single "Papa Don't Preach No More"/"Your Lover's Bed" (Produced by Leo Pearson - Elvis Costello, U2, R.S.A.G.,) to great reviews (Hot Press described it as "Calexico with a touch of Mark Lanegan") and got a invite to appear on the RTE show "Under Ether" performing a live version of "Papa don't preach no more". Some passionate live shows were well received followed by a long silence while songs were chosen and perfected.

October 2012 sees the release of the bands full length debut. "Devastating Ways" is almost schizophrenic in style where Sleazy chaotic monoliths like "Falling Down your Stairs" are followed by heartbreaking balladry such as "Easy Lover". The band took time to perfect the songs and find the sonic landscape in which the songs could exist. Most of the album was recorded live in Beechpark Studios and that room feel is an essential ingredient to the Kaplin sound. They hope to launch the album overseas in 2013 but will have plenty Irish shows before then.

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