Just Mustard

Dundalk, County Louth

Just Mustard are a five-piece band from Dundalk, Co. Louth. Mining influence from post-punk, trip-hop and lo-fi electronic music they combine broken hip hop beats, chorus-laden bass hooks and abrasive guitar noise with ambient, haunting vocals .

“Wednesday” is the debut LP by Just Mustard. In creating this record they made a conscious effort to provide the listener with the experience of hearing the band in a room, in their natural state, with little to no polished, glossy, post-production magic. Recorded by David Noonan (Just Mustard) in their home studio in Dundalk with additional recording by Chris Ryan (Robocobra Quartet) in Start Together Studios, Belfast.

Released on 12" Vinyl and streaming services May 2018 via Pizza Pizza Records.

"Their debut album ‘Wednesday’ is a two-toned masterpiece, flipping from hypnotic, smoky vocals to screeching industrial noise on the fly." - NME

"The five-piece is from Dundalk, Ireland on the eastern border with Northern Ireland but their sound is so huge, so loud, and powerful that it’s as if they’ve been touring the gritty venues of London and New York for decades. There’s so much rock history in these songs, so much of the past mashed together and reformed for a harsher modern sound that has just the right amount of sweet." - Bandcamp

"Just Mustard is one of the sweetest bands we've found recently." - Revolver Magazine

"The quintet craft an enormous and cathartic sound that burrows under your skin, gently croons in your ear, and pummels you around the head and face." - Overblown

"Music under complete control, even when it sounds at its most unweildy." - The Last Mixed Tape

"Ticking all the right boxes when it comes to delivering a fluid blend of noise-rock, shoegaze, electronica and, seemingly, whatever other sonic avenue they direct themselves down." - State.ie

"Blending elements of shoegaze, noise-rock and trip-hop, give rise to an intriguing and dense, but at the same time very refined and distinctive sound, I was hooked from the first listen." - WhiteLight/WhiteHeat

"There's a mastery in how everything is controlled and the power and tempo rise mechanically, almost orchestral in how tightly managed proceedings are executed. As you reach the final minute you are gone, gone, gone and have just experienced one of the best Irish experimental rock moments of the year. " - Remy Music& Film Blog

Contact : justmustardmusic@gmail.com

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