Junk Drawer

Belfast, County Antrim

Formed in a Belfast bedroom by rural Mid-Ulster's Brian Coney and brothers Stevie & Jake Lennox, Junk Drawer's idiosyncratic brand of indie rock mines anthems from their crate-digging tendencies. They're driven by the contrast of near-telepathic harmony and discordance that comes from a sibling creative rivalry at the helm, as well as the overbearing self-awareness and obsession to detail that could emanate only from a bunch of musicologists & music journalists.

Mining influence from the most uncompromising sonic touchstones of the last half-century - notably indie rock, psychedelia, slowcore, post-punk and Krautrock. Loose, but assured, their fluidity of instrumentation and understanding of the avant-garde has led to music that toes the line between pop-conscious, and artistically forward-thinking, without losing its air of experimentation and spontaneity.

Thematically, fragments of each songwriter's point of view to add up to one unified, overarching exploration of the human condition and its drawbacks. Yearning explorations of epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and social conscience are given levity by a tendency toward self- deprecation with a side of abstract minute realism. Much of the philosophy behind the composition and lyricism is directly influenced by some drive to articulate these conditions.

Having made their debut supporting Jeffrey Lewis, who proudly declared Junk Drawer 'the best opening band I've seen in quite some time', they've organically made fans of US independent label Exploding In Sound *("'Do You Ever Think About Existence, Adrian?' rules!"), Slint, Quasi, and subsequently have been asked to support the likes of Grandaddy, ASIWYFA, in addition to being part of Dublin's Hard Working Class Heroes, Belfast's Output, Curfew and the final ever show at Belfast's Mandela Hall.

The quartet has a part in spearheading a DIY Irish music community, being key creators of islandwide compilations 'A Litany of Failures' Volumes I & II. Summer 2017 saw the band complete their first UK headline tour following the release of their 'For The Cult Fat Guy' EP, which yielded coverage from BBC Radio 1, 6Music, Electric Mainline & Across the Line, Irish News, Nialler9, Rté 2fm's Dan Hegarty & The Tipping Point.

With interest building at the highest independent, international levels, their debut album is due for release in late 2018, accompanied by some ventures further afield.


"Slacker, lackadaisical, almost disengaged...the perfect addition to an American roadtrip playlist; you can imagine solemnly bobbing along as you drive your beat-up convertible through arid flats and dustbowl towns." - The Tipping Point

"The best band I've seen in really quite some time" - Jeffrey Lewis

“Right now, they are devastating the world of indie music. Your next favourite band, we promise!” - Third Outing

“Fans of Dinosaur Jr will dig the throwback guitar sound of their squalling lo-fi rock music" - Nialler9 (Irish Times)

"Fans of Pavement, Slint & Grandaddy, watch out" - Dan Hegarty, 2FM

"Absolutely stunning. I love Junk Drawer. I've loved them since I first heard them.” - Stephen McCauley (BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle)

“Their dreamy, gloom-tinged indie dips and dives on the EP, sounding like it was made by a band already six albums and a strained relationship with the alternative music press in to their careers. ” - EncoreNI

"There’s no getting around how infectious Junk Drawer’s music is." - TheLastMixedTape

"One of the best EP's to come out of the island of Ireland this year. A serious deal – it’s like the Horrors swirling around with the best of the American alternative scene in the early nineties." - The Point of Everything on 2016's 'For The Cult Fat Guy' EP

“Purveyors of a wonderfully off kilter alternative rock in the vein of Pavement or Pixies.” - Overblown

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