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Jumpin Spider

Alternative // Dublin

Jumpin Spider, the latest addition to the burgeoning Irish music scene, holds forth on a range of short unplacid ideas about how the world works, or Dublin at least. Not a snug fit for the categorisers - a throwback to the future perhaps, with streaming sixties harmonies and razor sharp guitars capturing the newer synthury's love and troubles.

The debut album is both at hand and afoot, with a slew of singles on the way this summer. With forerunner No Good Crooks speaks about the story of a break: a violent left turn by a lorry on life's quays. Same Blue Jeans is about not changing your clothes.

Keen on the whimsical groove and the viral refrain, Jumpin Spider bring arachnid notions of a fallen land, in with a searing personal uplift. The bing to your bang so to speak - an extracted haven of magical thinking.

Check out the chimes and charms in the Workman’s Club on Thursday July 26th.