Jukebox Gypsy

Ballymahon, County Westmeath

Formed in 2007, Jukebox Gypsy started as a three-piece from Liverpool. Having toured
extensively through Britain and Ireland, they now consist of five members, have released two
studio albums and have become a household name in the Irish folk circuit. Having played at
numerous well-known venues and festivals, Jukebox Gypsy are repeatedly received with great
enthusiasm and have built a loyal following in the country. They have been featured on
BBC Radio 6 and Balcony TV in Dublin, amongst other shows, and have played at memorable
venues such as Roisin Dubh in Galway, Whelan's in Dublin and established festivals such as
Electric Picnic, Oxegen and the Body & Soul Festival.
Jukebox Gypsy are known for their eclectic songwriting and high-energy shows. With an
international line-up (English, Dutch, German and Irish), they are able to blend English and
American Folk, Country, Bluegrass and Celtic influences into a show of five-part harmonies
and simple, punching songs. With varied instrumentation, on Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin,
Treble-Recorder, Harmonica, Ukelele, Double-Bass, and vocal harmonies, they are able to
interpret several styles of music, whether it be jazz, folk, country or rock, and make it their own.
The first album, released in 2009, introduced the audience to the songwriting of the three
founding members of the band. In the thirteen tracks, the band weaves through folk-rock,
ragtime and blues with three-piece harmonies providing the foundation of their work. Their
second album, entitled The Month (2010), showcases the songwriting skills of each member
of the band and in its 13 tracks presents a tightly woven display of harmonies, guitar work
and lyricism. In June of 2011, a live album was recorded to a sold-out Bog lane theater in the Irish
midlands. This live album is set to be released online in November and be followed by extensive mainland europe and irish tours.
The band's aspirations for the next year are to break through to a wider, international audience
and spread their music into mainland Europe as well as touring extensively throughout ireland to appease their ever growing fan base. A third studio album is also in the pipeline.

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