John Munnelly

Cavan Town, County Cavan

John Munnelly the prolific writer, multi talented and versatile performer, artist & sometime actor re-released his 2013 debut album “Hello World” on July 14th 2015.

John Munnelly is an ASCAP award winning songwriter for 'The Unemployment Blues' and known for the online youtube 'hilarious' video sensation - "Does my BUM look big in this?" and the 'Happy Christmas" song on the recent Contemporary Celtic Christmas Collection. He was involved in the recent Irish Soccer Supporters song Project in 2014 with a recent of 5000 views online for the story of a soccer supporter known locally as 'the King of Cambridge' from Irishtown, Dublin City.

He writes in a wide array of styles encompassing themes from the humorous to the serious. His material usually contains positive uplifting messages dealing with life and the human condition with unique wit and insight.

John was selected to take part in Origin Theaters Contemporary Irish Singer Songwriters 1st Irish Music Program presenting some of the best new musical voices of Ireland. John's songs have been recognized for their social conscience with his song 'The Unemployment Blues' a Jay Gorney/ASCAP winner and his song 'Peace' selected as a finalist in the Tipperary Song for Peace competition.

John's contemporary music video work has been compared favorably to a "Talking Heads" for a new twitter generation and likened to the work of fellow Irish Rubber Bandits - "Horse Outside " video. He has been compared to Neil Young, Bob Dylan & Sting.


NSA Listening Party
John was requested to contribute "The Minotaur" song to this 2014 Album Collection titled NSA listening Party

2013 HELLO WORLD Album

In 2012 he released 3 singles (and included on a collection) with very diverse themes -

Does my Bum Look Big in this?

The inclusion of his song "Happy Christmas" on the Cosmic Trigger release "Contemporary Celtic Christmas Collection" really stood out as a "Highlight" of the album and drew rave reviews both individually and collectively from press and radio for the song and CD in USA

VIDEO link:

John is a sometime actor making his feature movie debut in 'Hectic Knife' expected in 2015.

Please contact John at laughjohnlaugh AT g mail DOT com or on

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