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John Hogan Wicklow

Acoustic // Arklow, Wicklow

Hi Folks,

Track 1: 'Once In A While' - A love song about missing someone you love. Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, Percussion & Clarinet.

Track 2: 'God Bless You She Said' - A trip back to my childhood, a more simple lifestyle, and the warm comforting feelings of a Mother's love. Acoustic Guitar, Percussion & Vocals.

Track 3: 'Sweet-talk Can Fade Very Fast' - The idea that you never know who you may be talking to when you meet a stranger, or what they may become in your life, be careful how you judge a situation or person. Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, & Percussion.

My Dad started me playing music when I was four. He, his Dad and their family for generations before them were traditional Irish musicians and dancers. When I was twelve I fell in love with Traditional Irish Music, joined CCE and started entering Fleadh Ceoil competitions on Banjo and Mandolin. I won county and Leinster titles from the age of thirteen to nineteen and became All-Ireland Champion in 1981. I did the UK and USA tours with CCE in 1983.
In my late teens I started playing in Folk Bands and formed The Jarveys and Ború. Ború worked extensively from 1986-1994 both at home and abroad and recorded several albums. More recently I have been playing with a band called Cruinniú which is an eclectic mix of tunes and songs with a diverse combination of instruments and influences.
I have been playing guitar, singing and writing songs since I was about fifteen. I am focussing on songwriting and instrumental playing at the moment and my first solo song album 'Time Past' was released in July 2011.

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