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Jenny Räisänen

Singer-songwriter // Limerick, Limerick // she/her

Jenny Räisänen is a Finnish singer-songwriter who currently lives in Ireland. She has a unique Nordic folk-pop sound, where she combines flavors from other styles, such as soul and blues. She has written and performed music for about 20 years and published music in Finnish. In November 2023, she released her debut album in English, Tell Me The Story Again. Jenny performs with Juhani Konttinen (guitar, bass, stompbox) and Eilidh Pope (violin). Jenny sings and plays keyboards.

Jenny has completed a bachelor's degree in music pedagogy (2019) and has been teaching students of all ages for almost 10 years. In Fall 2022, she graduated with First Class Honors with an MA in Songwriting from the University of Limerick, Irish Academy of Music and Dance. Jenny also teaches voice at the Academy.

The most important thing for Jenny is that the music touches and therefore she strives for a strong presence and authenticity. The stories in her music are deep and gain more layers with each listen.

“She moulds the songs in ways where you feel like you’re almost involved in its construction. It is light as a feather, yet feels heavier than a sword. It is true that the pen is mightier in this case, for feelings like this only come from the heart.” Lost In The Manor Dec 10 2023

"As the album was playing, continually rising in gravity and tone, I was wondering how on earth you go about finalising an epic, such as this. Well… there you have it, Jenny Räisänen comes out with the title track and blows all of my expectations out of the water. The song sums up the album; it’s bold, brave, human and full of endless emotion. ‘Tell Me The Story Again’ is unforgettable." TJPL News Dec 4 2023

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