Lucan, County Dublin

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter - Janksy is twenty year old Joe McGuirk from Dublin. Since releasing music on soundcloud in 2016, Janksy has racked up thousands of plays with songs like 'Feelin' Breaux' and 'Limbo' . Now blending everything from alternative hip-hop to punk, he is ready to show us how growing up with the ambitions of an artist, while trudging through day to day life as a modern Dubliner, affects the young musician's mind.

With his first project - 2019's 'A Song Series', Janksy takes in his surroundings and culture while experiencing depression, love and pressure. He aims his thoughts to the skies, not waiting for a response but hoping that someone somewhere will grab hold and share his experiences.
With new music promised for 2020, Janksy looks to evolve into one of the most enigmatic artists in the Irish music scene .

''There’s something endearingly simple about the whole operation. Janksy has no pretences, despite the sudden surge in interest in him. He has moments of self-consciousness, but mostly gives off an air of quiet confidence in his music.'' - Cian Montague, UCD UO RADAR, 18/04/18.

All songs are written, produced and engineered by Janksy himself.

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