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James Humston Music

Rock // Dundalk, Louth

James is a guitarist and songwriter from Dundalk Co.Louth Ireland. He picked up the guitar at the age of Seven and hasn't looked back since. James comes from a love of all things Blues Rock but also loves to do solo and acoustic shows on his own. He has supported great artists over the years that include Carvin Jones - Pat McManus - Grant Hart - Scott H Biram - Blind Boy Paxton - Finbar Furey and Damien Dempsey. James has always been received very well no matter where he was playing or who he was playing to. He might not say much to his audience but instead his Voice and his Guitar playing does all the communication you need from him.James started his first band at 18 years old and they were the youngest blues band on the north easts circuit and they gathered a following very quickly. James' first original song with this outfit was titled "Beer and cheap wine". James kept playing and working hard on his craft and with practice everyday at both the guitar and songwriting it wasn't lng until he had a set that consisted of total originals but always threw a couple of covers in for good measure such as Fleetwood Macs Green Manalishi, and Hendrixs Red House. When that band finished up, James immediately picked up and stated to do solo gigs to not let the hair sit as he would say, and started playing and jamming with local talent. James has never sat on his backside, always out gigging, when it comes to his music, Complete Dedication! pity it took him this long to figure out what a computer was, to be keeping up to date with promo tools such as facebook etc.. but sure, better late than never. You see ladies and gentlemen, Our James would be known as a student of the Old Skool in every way.This is James' first website and the goal is to finally get all his information in one place so that people who do take an interest in him can have it all with a touch of a button. James has been compared to the likes of Mike Ness(Social Distortion) and Bruce Springsteen with the attack on the guitar like Rory Gallagher,(he would insist that these are other peoples perceptions and not his so its up to you!) James plays a Gibson Les Paul Guitar and Marshall Amps and a Lowden Acoustic Guitar, he is currently studying a degree in Music Production and Audio in Dkit in his Beloved Dundalk. (Just check out his arm below)