Dublin, County Dublin

The Australian born brothers, Axel and Jay McDonald, both moved to Ireland in search of forming a rock n roll band with local Irish musicians.
Ed Orr and Jamie Trimble were quickly picked up to be the perfect match for this fiery, no bullshit, hardworking outfit.

Their EP "Break the Silence" was recorded within the first few months of their formation in September 2016 and was released January 2017. Since then they have paid their dues playing around the Irish territory, opening up for Y&T, The Answer, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown and other local acts.
They also toured around France playing at some small festivals and supported local French band Loudzo in October 2017.

2018 is set to be big year with the band set to an Irish tour and play mainland Europe festivals/club shows as well as bringing out a single followed by an album later on in the year.

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