County Dublin

Jailbirds are an Australian/Irish hard rock band based in Dublin, Ireland. The band is composed of four members , Axel McDonald , lead vocals and lead guitar, his brother Jay McDonald on drums, both of whom are the founding members originating from Sydney, Australia. Completing the raw and powerhouse sound of Jailbirds are Irish rhythm guitarist Ed Orr and bass player Jamie Trimble.

The four members produce an explosive sound defining a new generation of hard rock having mainly been influenced by Australian pub rock bands such as AC/DC, Airbourne, Jet and other successful bands for example Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, just to name a few.

Having just been founded in September 2016, Jailbirds released their first ever record entitled “Break The Silence” in January. The record is available for download and streaming on all platforms. Physical copies are available at their concerts. Following the release, Jailbirds have multiple dates lined up for 2017 in Ireland and a summer tour scheduled to take place in France.

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