Jackson Cage

Belfast, County Antrim

Jackson Cage are a 7 piece folk rock band with a sound that echo's the heyday of Laurel Canyon in the late 60's and early 70's. While growing up in Northern Ireland, these guys were captivated by the music of legends like Neil Young, Dylan, Jackson Browne, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Fairport Convention and The Band. Inspired to write honest folk rock songs of their own, Jackson Cage have created a unique sound fusing Celtic Folk Rock with American Roots Rock music to bring a breath of fresh air to today's music scene.

Their eponymous debut album was officially released in December 2008 and for a while managed to achieve a Top 5 Download Status on Amazon MP3's Americana Sales Chart in the US. They have also received airplay on radio and podcasts all over the world, as well as recent Television performances on BBC2 and ITV. And with memorable songs like Samaritan Street, Taste the Moon and A Hard Night (In the Kitchen) Jackson Cage are not to be missed.

What people have been saying about Jackson Cage:

"Hailing from the lush land of Ireland, Jackson Cage, a 7-piece folk rock band crafts spare, heartfelt tunes full of twinkling banjos, guitars, piano and harmonica that feel at once homey and ethereal. Bits of Van Morrison, Neil Young, James Taylor and the rest of the major players of Laurel Canyon's 70s heyday give Jackson Cage's music an undeniable timelessness. Declan Doherty's voice is laden with such soul it's clear he's lived through everything he's singing about."
-SPIN Magazine

"The Jackson Cage I’m most familiar with is a dour song about suburban futility by Bruce Springsteen on his release The River. Jackson Cage the band do exhibit some of New Jersey’s most famous hillbilly’s knack for narrative, but only inasmuch as he was willing to channel Dylan, Woody Guthrie and The Band to tell a compellingly stark tale." - Baron Lane, Twang Nation

“The Band and their pal Bob Dylan had gone to ground to escape the drugs and the intensity of their wild years. The music started sounding more downhome….such reverberations are resumed in Belfast in the music of Jackson Cage, who add more recent influences like The Jayhawks and Ryan Adams to their deal.” – Stuart Bailie, BBC

“Despite having not that much room to manoeuvre around stage, after all they do have seven members; the chemistry between them was electric. The passion behind the performance and the creativity that seems to bless them in vast amounts enables them to deliver such great music whilst giving the crowd something to shout about…10/10” - Mark Dunn, Gigging NI.com

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