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Ivy Bloom

Alternative // Dublin

Ivy Bloom are 5-piece alternative, atmospheric, rock band with some jazz/classical influence. Composer, vocalist and keyboardist Anna Devine, leads a solid group of talented musicians in Ivy Bloom; Sarah Hollingsworth on guitars, Chris Redmond on bass, Gill Carr on keyboards and Oisin Breathnach on Drums. Anna brings her wide vocal range and unique songwriting skills to Ivy Bloom along with an approach to composition that incorporates her background in soul, jazz, rock, pop, and classical music.

Ivy Bloom have created a diverse sonic landscape which focuses on space and intricate layering to provide vivid musical imagery, developing from elegant and elemental to raw and powerful. Classically trained guitarist, Sarah Hollingsworth brings complex melodic structures with visceral effects and textures, essential to the Ivy Bloom sound. Bassist Chris Redmond packs the low end full of twists and turns incorporating elements of garage and jazz, whilst mastering the experimental. Oisin Breathnach provides infinite possibilities on the drums, bringing a raw and elevating energy to Ivy Bloom. Gill Carr, a valued member of the Schola Gregoriana Choir and an exceptional keyboard player and teacher, brings an elegant and tasteful touch from her classical background to Ivy Bloom’s roaring sound.