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Metal // Kilkenny, Kilkenny

About Itchy Trigger Finger

Itchy Trigger Finger Described as a “powerhouse for progressive metal music”, Itchy Trigger Finger are Jimmy Trigger (Vocals / Guitar), Robbie Dunne (Guitar), Pam Lennon (Bass) and Kev Connolly (Drums)

From Kilkenny city, Itchy Trigger Finger first made their mark on the Kilkenny music scene in 2003, capturing the county’s Battle Of The Bands title. In Dublin 2005 they defeated 30 other bands for the ignition showcase title in temple bar music center and carlow in 2007 taking first place runner up in C.I.T battle of the bands.

Anchored by front man Jimmy Trigger, ITF have spend the years since extensively touring the country and building up a steady following of loyal fans throughout Ireland’s metal music circles.

Over time, the band has cultured a mature and distinct sound for themselves. Their music encompasses odd time signatures, is solidly structured on technically energetic percussion, groovy sensual bass, soulful guitar solos and heavy riffs, all tied together with power anthem vocals – a melting pot combination that works well in both the studio and live environments.

“Back-breaking, energetic, powerful and personally inspiring” are how some critics view the band’s live performances.

2007 saw the release of the band’s much anticipated debut EP ‘The Wrong Side Of Misery’. Launched in July, the five-track EP is testament to the road the band have traveled over the past five years. Tracks like ‘Perfect Reality’ and ‘Measure Of A Man’ have rapidly become hits with the group’s hardcore fans and admirers alike. .

Driven by raw, emotional honesty and an unquenchable passion for spreading a positive message through their music, the band are currently writing, rehearsing and demo tracking new material in advance of their next studio recording.

Notes Itchy Trigger Finger are the only metal act in Kilkenny to have received arts funding for two years in succession, (Arts Act Grant 2006, 2007). Itchy Trigger Finger is the only band in their genre (within Ireland) endorsed by leading guitar manufacturer, Cort.