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Imploded View

Electronica // Longford

Coburn Days (EP) is out now on CD + Download
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"Sitting in my gaff getting ready to go out for the weekend listening to Imploded View . Probably one of my favourite electronic acts ive heard in a really long time. Its fucking amazing. Definitely check him out! He went on first at the FMC tour in kilkenny last week and all three bands were gobsmacked watching him. Absolutely amazing music. I predict big things. Would appeal to any1 into aphex twin or boards of canada. . Bang of analog off it. Definitely deserves to be playing to bigger crowds then this"
- Fight Like Apes (2014)

"Longford electronic producer Jerome McCormick comes correct with his best collection of music yet on his new EP Coburn Days. ‘Starring Karl’ is IV at his best, retrofitting classic ’90s electronic sounds to a new template. He plays Hard Working Class Heroes tomorrow night in Twisted Pepper at 8pm."
-Nialler9 (2014)

"Imploded View makes a undeniably danceable electro record with his new E.P. Coburn Days. Pulsing, bouncing and jolting from track to track the E.P has an unstoppable forward motion that demands to be listened from start to finish. An unexpected gem."
-The Last Mixed Tape (2014)

"One lucky moment had us wandering into HMV and finding Longford’s Imploded View in the middle of a set. Tightly composed, warm electronica it put some cheer into the day and made us think about the potential for these almost ‘fringe’ happenings as the festival develops."
-State (2014)

"Entitled Coburn Days, it sees McCormick putting on his platform boots and making a beeline for the LED-coloured dancefloor. ‘Flutter Funk’ was uploaded to Soundcloud a couple of months ago and sees McCormick sidling onto the dancefloor’s fringes, but ‘There’s Nowhere’ sees him in a fully fledged dance-off. I asked my 80s-loving friend Pádie, who you can usually find on the dancefloor no matter the time of day, what he thought of ‘There’s Nowhere’ and his synopsis doesn’t disappoint: “It sounds like Homework-era Daft Punk being covered by Le Galaxie with a keyboard hook straight outta Chromeo’s back pocket.” Imploded View released a remix EP a while back, that might have pointed the direction down which he was heading, but the forthcoming EP sounds like a sexy new beast entirely."
-The Point of Everything (2014)

" of Ireland’s most prolific producers, if somewhat overlooked or under-appreciated (call it what you will), with two albums, Picnics with Pylons (2012) & Anomaly Domine (2013) , a couple of EPs and a scattering of singles. All that said, his new single ‘Withering Lights’ is one of his finest moments to date.
-Barry Gruff (2014)

"This album works great as an aural teleportation device to transport you to a better place when life is a bit rubbish. ‘Anomaly Domine’ is a welcome addition to the ever-expanding field of Irish abstract electronic music."
- Golden Plec (2013)


Imploded View is an electronic artist from Longford.

Imploded View's 2014 releases available now on Blurry Pup Records:
Coburn Days (EP) (CD + Download/ stream at and itunes/ amazon etc.)

Mixed View (EP) featuring remixes by R.S.A.G. Daithi, VHS Head, Christ and Yimino, with a couple of new original tracks (CD + Download/ stream at and itunes/ amazon etc.)

Withering Lights (single) (download/stream at and itunes/ amazon etc.)

2013's Anomaly Domine album is still available for download (sorry CDs/ cassettes have sold out)on Blurry Pup Records :

Contact: [email protected] for bookings/ remixes etc.

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