Imelda Kehoe

County Wexford

Imelda's debut album will be released in Spring 2108. A collection of songs with deep retro influences from folk, blues and rock and roll.

My songs are heavily influenced by the music that I grew up listening to at family parties - The Beach Boys, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Glen Campbell, Elvis Presley, Little Richard Simon and Garfunkel and later, Jools Holland, Billy Joel and Pink Floyd.

'I like to write songs which first and foremost have good melody and then I try and write something that people will connect with on an emotional level. I think writing introspective songs is a bit self indulgent, who wants to hear that?.
My dream is to write a song for a big movie, that would be really cool.'

Imelda is from Leeds originally and now lives in Wexford, where she is still a member of the Wexford Light Opera Society. She loves collaborating with other musicians and artists and has written most of the songs on the album with friend and Wexford music producer, Michael Egan.

Thanks to Sean Rowe for the image.
There's more to come!

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