I'll Eat Your Face

POWERLAND (Cork), County Cork

Two piece SUPERGRIND from Cork City

Formed in 2006. Has so far released a 12" split, a CD split, a 12-track CD, 2 DVDs and a free online release of their debut album "Irritant" at http://www.ill-eat-you-face.com. New album "HOT BRAINS TERROR" was released online on Oct 1st 2011. May 2012 sees Belfast's GRINDSCENE records sees the album get it's physical release. The band have toured with Dj Scotch Egg, Adebisi Shank, ASIWYFA, Insect Warfare & many many bazillions more. Headlining the TSUNAMI festival in Holland at the end of March.

"An awesome piece of sonic mayhem"
(Hot Press)

"Irish album of the Year 2010"
96fm Cork

"Irreverent, in-your-eaten-face and intense"
(The Irish Times)

"I’ll Eat Your Face are anything but a rational band, and more a primal force of nature"

"I feel like I am falling woefully short of describing just how brilliantly demented this album is. It will blow your mind." Album of the Year 2010

"...feels like you’ve entered a fight that you’re most definitely going to lose."

"we just can’t stop playing this record...it's thirty odd minutes of assault"

"They are a phenomenon but hard to describe. You'd kind of have to be there, you'd kind of have to know where they are coming from......You just got to love 'em and people do!"


"Irritant, the 2010 debut album by Cork duo I’ll Eat Your Face, is probably the most appropriately-titled record I ever did get my hands on; a magical, freeflowing, irkworthy piece of seriously heavy rock that deserved truckloads more attention than it got. The crazed pair’s second LP Hot Brains Terror is a tad more melodic but just as fearless. The mind-blowing track titles are back (try ‘Castle Of Vomiting Owls’, ‘Enslaved By The Prawnmaster’ and ‘Forever Sealed In The Electric Brains’ Melting Slug-Ray’ on for size), as are the breakneck melodies and thundersome rhythms. A must for the pick-me-up section of your iPod."
(Hotpress Feb 2012)

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