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I ♡ The Monster Hero

Psychedelic // Tromaville, Dublin

I Heart The Monster Hero are a magic band made from crystals, rams blood, holy candle wax and casio keyboard circuit boards.

It consists of up to five human males that bang things and ring sounds from electricity by squeezing small strands of metal alloy.

Most other humans react by dancing & having a good time.

'RHYTHM & PALS' is out now
available from

Crocfingers UK

Little Gem Records Dublin

4/5 - Irish Times
4/5 -
4/5 - Sunday Times

"a frantic lo-fi pop-soaked mark on the Irish indie scene" - Nialler9

"unique blend of synth-pop, garage-rock and noise-pop elements I Heart the Monster Hero’s expansive sound is an exciting, frantic culmination of these individual parts" - Thelastmixedtape

"I Love The Monster Hero is winsome musical collage, a mash-up of primitive sounds that toe the line between lo-fi and no-fi but together manage to engender an instinctively hooking, bubbly sunshine pop. The rough, gleeful, quirk addled qualities of the band are sublimely showcased on "Toni Bailey", a synthetic, buoyant blast of distortion and sparkling chimes and "Little Gem", which, with its simple, slightly coarse guitar lines and layered vocals, will stick like velcro."

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