I Am A Car Crash

Tallaght, County Dublin

Close your brilliant eyes and picture Talking Heads smashing into an alley of cymbals while U2 are doused in petrol and set alight, and you’ll be close to the sound of 3 piece Irish alternative post-rock band i Am A Car Crash.

In 2014 they released their debut EP ‘White People Problems’ (https://iamacarcrash.bandcamp.com/), which is a raw alternative rock sound. The band’s sound has organically grown without the use of pesticides into what it is today, so that EP won’t give you the clue.

The band seem capable of covering any topic, with writer JD talking of anxieties about religion, conspiracy thinking, internet culture and even Tinder dates. Their drummer 'J Bag' is one of the greatest things to witness live, along with the mad man bassist 'la Shane'. The band all write and create effortlessly together., which is reflected in their genre-dodging sound, style and performance.

Fast forwarding to 2017, the band quietly released a montage video for their song ‘Them Not Us’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9pCbqxNEgE), a raspy early taste of their upcoming album on YouTube. 2017 was successful year that included a main stage appearance at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, garnering admiration from Paranoid Visions, Steve Ignorant (Crass), the mighty Kevin Shields and Ronnie Pickering. 2018 is the year of the long awaited debut album, or the dog if you happen to be Chinese.

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