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Electronica // HOLYWOOD, Down // SHE, HER,

A raver at heart with a love for creating mood and intensity through her music and live performances. HY:LY blends the dance floor percussion of techno & drum & bass with elements of psychedelic rock, via her own vocal delivery and field recordings to create an abstract melting pot of energy. From ambient ethereal space exploration to driving dance floor tracks, HY:LY builds tracks that are rich in layers to get your body moving and invoke inner feelings.

She is inspired by an eclectic range of influences from the sound design of video games to a wide range of artists including Tash Sultana, Florence & The Machine, Sinnead O’Connor, Grimes, Lil Peep, BMTH, Lousiahh, Nine Inch Nails, Morcheeba & Die Antwoord.

HY:LY’s current live set up consists of MIDI keyboard, mic, electric guitar with multi-FX pedal all controlled via Ableton Live and with her ambient track “Stasis” coming out on Belfast’s Extended Play label this spring, marks the start of a trajectory of an exciting new artist from Ireland.