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Hush War Cry

Indie // Cork, Cork

[EP//VOICES OUT NOW] Blending subtle shadings of shoegaze with a dreamy pop sound, Hush War Cry certainly live up to their names, being a mixture of something soothing which could at any moment erupt into a clarion call of action.

The much anticipated debut EP 'Voices' is out now on The Delphi Label

"If you’re a fan of Wild Beasts, check out these young college-going Corkonians Hush War Cry. The name sounds like some heavy metal rallying call but the music is delicate, nuanced and oh so sweet. There’s an impressive accomplished sound happening here from such a young band." - Nialler9

"Epic tracks are difficult to write and almost impossible to record, yet Ireland based outfit Hush War Cry may well have just found the winning formula on their new track Lily. Opening as a sombre, piano driven ballad, before opening into an expansive chorus heavy number, it’s unstructured yet clearly extremely planned. " - Crack In The Road

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