Hunting Hall

Dundalk, County Louth

Hunting Hall is the solo project of Dundalk native, Tim Shearwood. Through debut single, Helium, Shearwood looks to move forward from previous indie rock projects - The Curtain Thieves and latterly Third Smoke - and into a more electronic, immersive world.

His opening gambit is a wonder of conflicting feelings. Here, submission and defiance compete in angst-fuelled lyrics while lush rhythms lift the battle upwards – reaching an almost spiritual end point. The alchemy of moving the troublesome into the sublime - and Shearwood has the temperature just right. It’s a beguiling track which shows masterful command of emotions – guiding us on a winding pathway between structure and chaos. It’s also a distance removed from his previous projects. Lo-fi this isn’t. Each note is crystal clear and delivered with verve and poise from a new artist we’ll undoubtedly be spending time with this year.

Shearwood recorded the track with Portobello-based producer, Micheal Heffernan. Micheal has previously
worked with the likes of Æ MAK, Thumper, Bitch Falcon, Ailbhe Reddy, The Coronas and The Script.

"...'Helium’ does more than enough both as a song and video to peak our interested in the Hunting Hall project going forward." - Nialler9

"A bountiful smattering of 80's-tinged synth allow the listener the dual choice of simply letting the music wash over them in a detached manner, or pausing to absorb the track's themes, not an easy balancing act to execute by any means." - REMY

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