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Hubert Selby Jr. Infants

Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Based in Dublin City, the Hubert Selby Jr. Infants is made up of four underground music lifers from Waterford, Dublin and Birmingham.

Initially formed from the disintegration of two previous bands -namely Electricals and Weird Feelings - in October 2022, the band released their debut EP, the cheekily titled "Good Evening Pricks, It's the Hubert Selby Jr. Infants" on March 2023. Recorded live in an afternoon by Shaun Cadogan (Unyielding Love, Last Light Studios), it's a raucous introduction designed to sound like a band playing in your living room as per their distinctly no frills approach.

Combining the kinetic, abrasive energy of their shared DIY punk roots with a knack for melody and sense of mischief, the newly minted four piece have in a relatively short time garnered comparisons ranging from Sebadoh to Cave In (the truth lies somewhere between those two perhaps), and have recently received the thumbs up from underground legend Mike Watt (Minutemen, Firehose, Stooges) who has championed the EP on his "Watt From Pedro" radio show.

Unafraid to go from the sweet ("Build Me A Monster") to the savage ("Fangs and a Cape"), the band as of Spring 2023 are currently preparing to record a 12" up for UK based Scene Report records, and plotting to play every venue that will have them.

"They produce the kind of diesel fuelled post-hardcore that explodes with hairpin turns and gut-busting chords" - Sun-13
"This really is an exciting bunch of songs" - The Daily Earworm
"A little bit fuzzy, a little bit boisterous..but somehow there's always a tuneful undercurrent at work" - Aversionline