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Hoodoo Brown

Electronica // Mayo

Hoodoo Brown is a down and going artist from the West, a project from a much younger In Bits.

This album is a compilation of tracks from almost 10 years ago that I had left to rot (Along with one new track that tops it off)

It's made entirely from samples gathered from god knows where. Seems like half of them are rips from fucked vinyls, or from old mp3 files, the idea was to blend organic and electronic elements to create something new. Think early Four Tet, DJ Shadow, and The Avalanches.

At the time, I figured I could never, or at least thought it wasn't worth, releasing due to the amount of samples used, and could never clear, even if I could remember where any of them are from. (and I also didn't think it was very good at the time, but listening back it's actually kind of cool )

Because of that, I'm going to release it for free.

Hope you like it.

Album is Releasing on 1st February 2022 on Spotify, Bandcamp, and everywhere else really.